Mrs Merrywinkle's
Friendship Network

"Friendship forms when talking about things of meaning." - Mrs. Merrywinkle

When is the last time you spoke with your closest friends? Has it been too long? Mrs. Merrywinkle can help schedule catch up calls with old friends!

Calls are scheduled once a week, once a day, or as often you wish, depending on how much you want to talk and your schedule. All you need is a telephone and to be ready to talk!

Mrs Merrywinkle can also introduce new friends as well! Imagine having a friendly call any time you wish on topics you find interesting! Mrs. Merrywinkle finds interesting people and then calls you to chat! Each and every call might be an old friend or maybe an exciting opportunity for a new friend. 

Mrs. Merrywinkle connects you with other interesting members by learning your favorite things and finding other members that share the same interests. You can be sure to have interesting and meaningful conversations! 

For more information call 737-377-0202

Subscription Plans

Tiny Plan - Free Forever 

Medium Plan $29/mo 

Small Plan $19/mo

Large Plan $49/mo