Merrywinkle, the adventures of Santa's big brother.

Santa Introduces Merrywinkle

We’ve all heard the stories about Santa, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and “The Night Before Christmas“, but there’s still a little-known part of those Christmas stories that few have ever discovered.

That story is about Merrywinkle.

In the book, “Merrywinkle, The Adventures Of Santa’s Big Brother“, you’ll meet the people of Noggenhorn, the first town Santa stops at to deliver toys on Christmas eve. You’ll also follow along with Merrywinkle as he and his friends solve the problems and challenges of making Christmas go right every year – and you’ll even learn about magic flitter (and much more)!

Available in hardcover or paperback, it’s the new Christmas classic for kids of all ages.

Oh, ho, ho, ho and a jolly hello my friends!

I am very happy to see you again and to help open
a Christmas door that, until now has never been opened before.
Many Christmases have come and gone
with magic and fun in every one.
But did you know there’s a Christmas secret
that’s never been told?
Well, that’s just what Merrywinkle is about to unfold.
Now who the Dickens is Merrywinkle, you ask?
Oh, am I proud to introduce him to you at last!
I’ve known him since I was just a bit of a sprout.
Growing up, he taught me a lot of what things are about.
Yep, he talks a little funny and he’s clumsy on the ground,
but when someone needs a hand, he’s always around.
And just because he’s shorter than me doesn’t mean
that he falls short on smarts or any other thing.
He’ll tell you more about magic as you go through these pages,
and more about our family than has been known for ages.

So get yourself ready for some old-fashioned fun,
and meet my big brother,

Who the Dickens is Merrywinkle?